I'm training through this year in order to try and overhaul my body and technique for the 2013 championship season where I will turn 60 just before it starts. I vaulted 13' (3.95m) at the Reno Pole Vault Summit on January 21, 2012 and called it a year. Of course I will still vault a ton but I won't go to Nationals or any other big travel meets. I don't want a break in training so I will jump in local California meets when good conditions present themselves. For example, there are All Comer meets the next four weekends but I need training not competing. I need to fix things and meets interrupt that progress. Hopefully after a month or so I will hit one meet a month to stay in touch.

I use an Excel spreadsheet that automatically totals my weight lifted for the day, week and for the entire program. Training & Weight Lifted Totals Below - UPDATED ALMOST DAILY. - Vault sequence below was taken at USATF Lions/Waterloo Championships near Austin on 11/15/08, on an Essx pole of course.

AS OF AUGUST 19, 2012

As a masters vaulter we have to constantly try to improve our conditioning as an athlete, especially as age is trying to take away our muscle/bone mass. I've made the mistake of dropping or curtailing these other activities when I start jumping. At the end of the year, I regretted not continuing to assure I will be faster and stronger so I could get on bigger poles. I try to use strict form with constant tension on the muscles, keep the weights low and the rest short. Gary Hunter tells a story that a professor once told him that no matter what you're trying to do in sport, it's easier if your stronger. AMEN!! Last program change - 5/13/12

Lift Garage - Squats - 8,8,6,6; Lunge - 8,6' Power Sets (Curl, Upright Row, Overhead Press, Lateral Fly) - 8,8,6,6;


Lift Gym - Leg Press X 12,8 Leg Extension, Lying Leg Curl & Seated Leg Curl, Preacher Curl, Machine Tricep Press - 10, 6; BARS - Swing Up X 3 Set Max, P-Bar Bubkas X 2 Set Max; High School - 10 X Bleacher / Hill/Ramp

Lift Garage - Bench, Lat Pull Superset (wide/close), Incline, Clean - 8,6,4; Concentration Curl / Tricep Press Superset, Alternate DB Curl, Tricep Pushdown Superset - 10, 6.

High School - 10 X Bleacher / Hill/Ramp

If it's worth doing, it's worth recording!!

Since 1/1/05 - 20,983,975 Pounds / 15,706 Weighted High Bar Exercises

cb As of 1/26/12 for 2012-13 - 732,660 Pounds / 418 Weighted High Bar Exercises cb
As of 8/1/10 for 2011-12 - 1,130,317 Pounds / 861 Weighted High Bar Exercises
As of 5/30/10 to 7/30/11 - 3,976,199 Pounds / 2,576 Weighted High Bar Exercises
As of 8/15, 2009 for 2009-10 - 2,458,573 Pounds / 1,506 Weighted High Bar Exercises
As of 8/15, 2008 for 2008-9 - 3,739,653 Pounds / 1,682 Weighted High Bar Exercises
2007-8 - 4,100,160 Pounds / 3,467 Weighted High Bar Exercises

2006-7 - 2,240,005 Pounds / 1,950 Weighted High P-Bar Rollbacks

2005-6 - 1,082,343 Pounds / 982 Weighted High P-Bar Rollbacks