Hi Bubba,

I haven't seen you in a while but hope every thing is going good for you. I am sending some pictures of Bob Crites facilities for your website if you have room to post them. His place is out in the countyside near Brazoria. Super fast board runway topped with thick hard rubber. Huge live oak trees for shade, cattle milling around just outside the yard, sometimes the deer and wild hogs can also be seen. Bobs famous BBQ pit is always fired up and everyones brings something to put in it. Nature vaulting at its best. He usually draws a range of vaulters from 6 to 66 years old.


Bubba's Note - Congrats to Britt and son Maston who got 2nd at the 2006 Texas HS State 5A Meet at 16' 3" as a Junior.


The Man - Bob Crites to the right

Bob's a good friend, and an outstanding masters vaulter, as he was in his younger days.

Speaking of younger days - check out the photos below of his back yard set ups from 1967 - 1970. Bob you grew up and made us proud!!

Please Click on Photos Below - Very Cool!!

Nice surprise to see my place in Brazoria on your website. Thanks! Nothing like waking up to your own jumping facility in your own back yard every morning! Ah Yes!

I wanted to send a few other Back yard pits I have had over the years.

One of my first ones was back in Indiana, living on a farm in 1967, if you notice, 1x6” boards in the ground with nails, a piece of tin on the take off to cover the worn wet ground ? and the wooden box, with the comfort of straw for landing.

1968 I up graded to an asphalt runway and a net with stripped up foam in a net. The asphalt was a fine ground..still hard, but it looked good and notice the standards, I used a set like that when I broke one of my world records in 1970, they would only go to 13 ft so they were put up on tables to make the height 14’ 7 3/4” for a new 15 yr old record.

1969 -70 I had almost 500lbs of foam in that net.. if you notice we had no buns back in those days either, my pit here was probably one of the best in the state for any back yard pit or High school.