Bubba, Don't know if you remember me!1 Charlie Polhamus 83& 85 masters world champion Set world games recor of 15-3and one quarter, which still stands. Set age 39 world record of 15-9 and three quarters, which was a personal best,back before 18+ vaulters became masters. Won 25 national titles set 8 indoors and outdoor world records. Quit and turned professional golfer. Won twice on the mini tours in orlando. Couldn't afford expenses on tour with no sponsor. Did CBS special in 85-signed a 6 figure endorsement contract for book and movie in 86; in which neither came about--good news is i got my money!! Any way I live in Fitzgerald, ga. At my hous i have two huge pits sid by side;each with raised bords runways wit soft rubber sufaces(down hill I might add) Am training hard at 62. Will send pictures!! hope to see you at reno!!! CHARLIE Phone229-423-4800 email champ8385@hotmail.com CLICK TO ENLARGE